Thursday, 10 November 2011

About Bongo

Bongo dreadlocks centre was established in Durban Central 2008, we started out in a park near the Museum in Durban. We managed to get a shop in Central Durban London House Arcade. Durban was one of the host cities for the 2010 World Cup. The Moses Mabhida Stadium was masterfully structured, it is visible from all angles in Durban.

Bongo dreadlocks are created using the crochet Hook. All hair types apply for bongo dreadlocks. We Cut and Join dreadlocks. we do not use wool or cream to lock the hair. Molding cream contains chemical elements that can affect the natural rate of your hair, due to their nature, they attract dirt and are very expensive and time consuming. Crochet Dreadlocks or Bongo dreads are formed using the Crochet Hook No wool or cream.

We encourage especially Africans to take pride in their culture. The only way to be proud of your hair is if you see it grow, the way you see Natural hair grow is to lock it. If you grow hair, just it will look untidy and unattractive. If you take your hair and put it together in a format it will look neat and grow very well.

I believe that African woman look more attractive in dreadlocks, no to wigs and weaves. This is a way also for you to remain natural and real. The moment you put on Weaves and wool dreads you have lost the whole plot. We at Bongo dreads advise people to start getting the real dreads make yourself a Real Patriotic and proud carrier of African dreadlocks..all Hair Types Qualify..Quantity and Quality.

Bongo dreadlocks Forum for the world coming soon. We want the world to come together Dreadlocks and Positive Music..

Thank you for taking your time to read.

Tinashe Lennon Mawundike